Guidelines for Your Safety & Comfort

Shopping Carts
View the online flyer about our Shopping Cart Policy (PDF).

Stroller Policy
Battle Creek Transit will at times need to use vehicles 200 or 201 (see below picture) on any route at any given time. As a reminder, all strollers must be folded and stored in the dedicated area on these vehicles. All packages must be carried on within one trip (separate from stroller carry) and be able to be contained by your feet or in your lap at all times. Packages may not be left in the stroller, placed on an empty seat, or block the aisle.
A white and blue public bus

General Rules

  1. Smoking, eating, drinking, using audio devices without ear phones, or other disruptive behavior is not allowed on Battle Creek Transit (BCT) buses.
  2. Service animals and small pets in carriers/cages are allowed on BCT vehicles. Small pets must remain caged at all times.
  3. On vehicles 200 and 201, strollers must be folded. Aisles must be clear at all times.
  4. No strollers are allowed on Tele-Transit vehicles.
  5. Speak to the driver only if you have a question about BCT or its services.
  6. Do not change seats while the bus is moving.
  7. Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  8. Please do not litter on the bus.
  9. Please use rear door when deboarding.

Reasonable Modification Policy

Battle Creek Transit provides reasonable modifications for individuals with disabilities by making changes to policies, practices, or procedures if needed for an individual with a disability to ensure them to participate in Battle Creek Transit's services.  Approvals are subject to several exceptions.  For more information, or to request a modification, please contact us at 269-966-3474.