Applications & Petitions

The following processes and support for each are administered by the Planning and Zoning Division.  Please call (269) 966-3320 with any questions.

Zoning Permits

The following are Zoning Permit applications that are submitted to the Inspections Department for issuance:  

Special Use Permit Application

A Special Use Permit  is required when certain land uses are allowed only within the approval of the City Commission due to their unique locational characteristics, or the services they provide to the public. Generally, uses within a zoning district are either permitted "by right" under the zoning code or by "special use permit". The uses allowed by special use permit are listed in the city ordinances under Chapter 1290 of the Planning and Zoning Code. Special Use Permits require review and approval by the Planning Commission and City Commission which take approximately 45-60 days.


Rezoning  / Conditional Rezoning Application

A Rezoning / Conditional Rezoning is when someone is proposing to use property within the City of Battle Creek in a manner not allowed under the current zoning classification of that land; the property owner may petition the City for a change in the zoning. This is called "rezoning" or a "conditional rezoning." Rezoning requests require review and approval by the Planning Commission and City Commission and take approximately 60 days.


Zoning Board of Appeals Variance Requests

The Zoning Board of Appeals will hear appeals from an aggrieved party as it relates to a decision of the Zoning Administrator, or to request a variance from the requirements of the Planning and Zoning Code (Part Twelve) of the City  Ordinances. Zoning regulates land uses, population densities, lot coverage, building size and location, and thereby provides a means which to implement the City's Comprehensive Plan. The overall objectives of zoning is to protect public health, safety, and welfare; to promote compatibility among various land uses and developments; and to provide for an attractive and efficient community.  A request to the Zoning Board of Appeals takes approximately 30 days.


Historic District Commission Application & Historic District Secretary of Interior Standards

A Local Historic District is a historically significant area that is protected by historic district ordinance under the authority of Michigan PA 169 of 1970. The City of Battle Creek has designated five (5) Local Historic Districts in order to preserve the architectural, historical, and/or cultural resources of the community. Any proposed modifications affecting the exterior appearance of buildings and property improvements within a historic district require submittal of an application for approval.  Minor classes of work can be approved administratively, while larger projects require HDC approval which takes approximately 30 days.

Site Plan Review Application

A Site Plan Review is a plan of a proposed development showing the relationship of the site features to one another and to the surrounding area, including buildings, streets, parking, landscaping and all other improved surfaces. It is required for all new development and expansion of existing development  except single-family homes, 2-family housing units, agricultural uses, and uses with less than 4 off street parking spaces. Reviews may also be required for businesses which have been closed for one-year or more and are making site alterations. Note: Applications are to be submitted to the Planning Department located at 10 N. Division, Suite 117, inside City Hall.

The process, including items that are required as part of a site plan, can be found in Ch. 1281.04 of the zoning ordinance. City of Battle Creek encourages pre-development and/or conceptual site plan review meetings with the interdisciplinary City team. This allows a comprehensive review of the project with the applicant and their designers to provide assistance into the process, and requirements. Please call Planning at (269) 966-3320 to schedule a time to meet with staff. 

Site Plan Review approval is done internally by staff and is not presented to the Planning Commission for approval.  All efforts are made to approve a site plan within fifteen(15) days of submittal, however larger projects may take additional time. If a site plan is incomplete, staff will contact the applicant with items needed and allow time for a revision to be submitted. 

Home Occupation Permit / Application

The City of Battle Creek zoning ordinance allows occupants of residentially zoned properties to operate a Home Occupation from that property, subject to limitations. The zoning ordinance further requires a Home Occupation permit and Certificate of Occupancy for a Home Occupation. For additional information such as permitted types of home occupations and restrictions; please refer to Chapter 1292 "Home Occupations" of the City of Battle Creek Codified Ordinances. This permit is reviewed and approved internally and will take not more than five(5) business days.