Neighborhood Planning Councils

Neighborhood Planning Councils -- commonly referred to as NPCs -- are groups of citizens from the same residential area who meet to discuss issues or concerns of that neighborhood. City staff members from various departments, including police and community services, work with these eight groups to provide facts and guidance and address issues as necessary.

Any person who lives or owns property in an NPC area may attend meetings, which are open to the public. Each group generally meets monthly but, by charter, meets at least six times per calendar year. Members are appointed by the City Commission, on the recommendation of the NPC chairperson.

Each group's roles and responsibilities include:
  • Generating comments and/or recommendations to help the City Commission better understand issues impacting neighborhoods.
  • Providing informal input and feedback to attending commissioners and/or city staff on citywide initiatives (street improvements, city service improvements, communications and more).
  • Sharing city proposals with potential neighborhood impacts with NPC members and participating residents.
  • Generating strategies for neighborhood improvements.

Along with attendance, factual guidance and addressing of issues, city staff also provide administrative support, including mailing of meeting agendas, generating Beautiful Battle Creek awards and overseeing compliance with the NPC charter, open meetings act and bylaws.

To subscribe to notifications about NPC meetings and agenda availability on our Notify Me webpage, and view the citywide calendar at this link.

Click here for the most recent version of the NPC leadership list and meeting information.


NPCs (Neighborhood Planning Councils)

See below each Neighborhood Planning Councils "Resource Guide Book" which contain all information pertaining to each council. (Note: Resource Guide Books are updated annually.)  Select to find each NPC's current by-laws, membership list, a boundary map, etc.

Neighborhood Planning Council Resource Guide Books:

- NPC #1 Post Franklin Resource Guide Book

- NPC #2 North Central Resource Guide Book

- NPC #3 Central Resource Guide Book

- NPC #4 Northeast Resource Guide Book

- NPC #5 Urbandale Resource Guide Book

- NPC #9 Rural Southwest Resource Guide Book

- NPC #10 Westlake/Prairieview Resource Guide Book

- NPC #11 Minges Brook/Riverside Resource Guide Book
Select below to view the individual chapters from the table of contents of the Resource Guide Book:

Section 1  -  Membership List

Section 2  -  Bylaws

Section 3  -  NPC Maps

Section 4  -  Beautiful Battle Creek Award (See information at bottom of this page.)

Section 5  -  NPC History

Section 6  -  City Commissioners with Ward Map

Section 7 -  Staff Contacts

Section 8  -  Boards & Commissions

Section 9  -  Neighborhood Indicator Maps

  • Links on Community Development web page for each NPC
  • NPC #9 Indicator Map

Section 10  -  Neighborhood Demographics

Section 11  -  Open Meetings Act

  • Open Meetings Act Summary
  • Open Meetings Act

  1. NPC 1: Post Franklin
  2. NPC 2: North Central
  3. NPC 3: Central
  4. NPC 4: Northeast
  5. NPC 5: Urbandale
  6. NPC 9: Rural Southwest
  7. NPC 10: Westlake / Prairieview
  8. NPC 11: Minges Brook / Riverside

Beautiful Battle Creek Awards

Beautiful Battle Creek Awards are presented monthly to residents and businesses in recognition of their efforts to improve their neighborhood and community through property maintenance and beautification. These good neighbors and businesses act as examples to others in contributing to the community-wide goal of improving the appearance of neighborhoods and the quality of life for Battle Creek's citizens.

Each month the Neighborhood Planning Councils may nominate one residential and one commercial property each month to the Battle Creek City Commission to receive these awards, which are presented by the mayor at the second meeting each month (typically the third Tuesday). This public recognition celebrates those who take care of their properties and encourage others to do the same.

Beautiful Battle Creek Awards for January 2017

See previous video segments of the Beautiful Battle Creek Awards on our City of Battle Creek YouTube channel, linked here!