Community Fusion Center


The Fusion Center is a collaborative operational unit housed within the Battle Creek Police Department’s Investigations Division. This unit includes multiple law enforcement agencies as well as external community partners. Some of the responsibilities of the Fusion Center include:

  • Identifying and analyzing crime trends and hotspots, as well as disseminating that information to law enforcement as necessary
  • Tracking crime statistics and trends over time
  • Victim services
  • Connecting appropriate stakeholders, Law Enforcement, or community partners to trends or issues identified
  • Supporting data collection and monitoring of law enforcement or community initiatives
  • Building relationships with community partners to bridge information and communication gaps to facilitate a better working relationship between Law Enforcement and all community stakeholders
  • Offering investigative support for major investigations or critical incidents
  • Supporting Law Enforcement and Community planning and response functions for local and regional events and incidents

This unit also serves to support all other aspects of the Battle Creek Police Department, providing an information clearinghouse and an operational support resource for Patrol, Gang Suppression Unit, Special Investigations Unit, Detective Bureau, Community Services, Police Administration, and others.

  1. Case, Jeff

    Jeff Case

    Fusion Center Sergeant


The Fusion Center is a combination of Battle Creek Police Department personnel and outside partners, both civilian and law enforcement. Many of these community agencies have dedicated personnel to work on-site in the Fusion Center either full-time or part-time as their organization allows.

BCPD personnel: 

  • Fusion Center Sergeant
  • Fusion Center Detective
  • Crime Analyst
  • Hotel/Highway Interdiction Team (HHIT).

Outside partners: 

  • Juvenile Probation
  • MDOC Parole and Probation
  • Child Protective Services (CPS)/ Adult Protective Services (APS)
  • Summit Pointe (Community Mental Health)
  • Safe Place (Women’s Shelter)
  • Federal parole/probation
  • Federal law enforcement partners
  • Other law enforcement agencies
  • City Code Compliance
  • Federal LEV grant-funded Victim Advocate
  • BCCF grant-funded Crime Analyst
  • Other community partners.