Forensic Science Unit (FSU)


The Forensic Science Unit (FSU) was created in the 1980’s to facilitate the collection, preservation, storage and examination of physical evidence. FSU is part of the Investigative Division and consists of a Lab Supervisor, Lab Specialists, Mobile Evidence Technicians and Evidence Technicians.

In addition to general evidence documentation and collection the FSU provides expertise in areas such as Crash Reconstruction, Latent Print Examination, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and Controlled Substance Analysis. Utilizing the latest technology such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones), 360 Scanners, Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometry, CAD software and 3D Scene/Evidence presentation the FSU provides the highest level of forensic services. In 2019 the FSU achieved ISO 10725 accreditation for Latent Print Examination and Controlled Substance Analysis services.

The FSU works with all departmental units and provides needed services to specialized units such as the Detective Bureau, GSU, HIIT and the Fusion Center as well as surrounding police agencies.