Records Division


As of 2021, the Records Division of Public Works is now the GIS Department under IT. GIS is responsible for maintaining the digital infrastructure records for City of Battle Creek.  

Public Works project, plan, and "as built" drawings of the City’s streets and utilities, bridge plans, water and sewer building connections, and aerial photos can be found in the 730 square foot Records Room in the Public Works Building. 

A records room with filing cabinets

Utility Locating

Utility locating is another responsibility of the Records Division. The City is required by law (Public Act 174) to mark all of the water, sewer, storm, and electrical lines for traffic lights within a specified range of a dig site. The goal is to prevent any injuries or accidents from occurring, as there is the potential for serious consequences if a utility line is hit. Anybody that is planning on digging into the ground/excavating should contact Miss-Dig at 800-482-7171 or dial 8-1-1 to put in a locate ticket in order to have all nearby utilities marked within 3 working days. 

Geographical Information Systems/Sciences (GIS)

This office also maintains the public works infrastructure layers for the City’s digital database and maps working closely with the City’s GIS Department during implementation and assistance with GIS activities. Our department is constantly updating and adding to our utility information in order to provide the most accurate and reliable data to the necessary personnel in the most efficient manner possible. City employees are able to obtain information such as pipe sizes, hydrant manufacturers, and valve types along with several other pieces of pertinent data directly from web maps and data portals. The City's public GIS website can be viewed online here, however any requests for GIS maps with utilities will need to be directed to the Department of Public Works.  More information about GIS can be found here.

Infrastructure Information

Applications to connect to the public water and sewer systems, obtaining and payment of connection fees, utility drawings, location information, and permits to work within the City right-of-way can be obtained from the Records Division. This office reviews new commercial site plans that have been submitted to the City for conformance to City standards and Ordinances. We work with the City’s Planning and Inspection Departments in order to coordinate and expedite the site plan review process.

  • Questions about hooking up to municipal water and sewer? Call us at 966-3343 and we would be happy to help determine utility availability and answer any other questions you may have.
  • Fill out a request for Right-Of-Way Permit (PDF). Please note that for lane or road closures, we are requiring the permit and all related information be turned in at least five business days before work commences in the right-of-way.