City Sections

The city is divided into sections for the purposes of street sweeping and snow plowing; when our crews go out to accomplish these tasks, everyone is assigned to a specific section.

To find the section you live in, take a look first at the overall city map, showing all of the sections together.

Once you locate what appears to be your section, check out the detailed maps below to confirm. (Section 1 is downtown, and Section 13 is W.K. Kellogg Airport.)

Questions? Contact the Field Services Division at 269-966-3507.
overall city maintenance section map

Detailed section maps

  • Section 2 - Post Addition; state routes East Michigan, M-66/Division, East Columbia
  • Section 3 - River northwest to KCC; includes Bailey Park; state route Capital NE/M-66
  • Section 4 - Limit Street to North Avenue and West Jackson to Waubascon/Coolidge; state route West Michigan
  • Section 5 - Urbandale, including Fell Park and Leila Arboretum; state routes West Michigan, Bedford Road
  • Section 6 - Territorial to Hamblin and LaVista to M-66; state routes Dickman Road, M-66
  • Section 7 - Numbered Streets between Goguac/Columbia and Helmer/Riverside; state routes Helmer, Columbia
  • Section 8 - Corner of Helmer and Columbia, southeast to Goguac Lake
  • Section 9 - Area southeast of Goguac Lake, to corner of Capital SW and Beckley
  • Section 10 - Columbia to Beckley and Capital SW to Riverside
  • Section 11 - Columbia to Beckley and Riverside to I-94/M-66
  • Section 12 - Columbia west of Helmer and south of I-94 to Division Drive; state routes Columbia and 94