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Small Business - Community Loan & Grant Fund (CLGF)

  1. The small business CLGF was established through contributions from various banks, credit unions, foundation support and other private donors to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners when access to other capital resources may be unavailable. Support through CLGF may be provided in the form of loans at 2% interest and/or grants totaling up to $5,000 at the discretion of the CLGF committee. Small Businesses are defined as having 50 employees or less.

    The CLGF is meant to provide an agile and accessible form of capital for small businesses with growth potential yet lacking the necessary funds or sufficient collateral to otherwise qualify for conventional financing. The CLGF will aid in providing greater accessibility to capital for historically under-served populations such as communities of color, women, and other minority groups. All projects must be substantiated as aiding in the launch, improvement, or growth of a business within the Battle Creek area.

    Please note the CLGF Committee requires supporting documentation including

    • Copy of 2 most recent bank statements
    • Copy of full credit report
    • Business plan and financial projections
    • Federal Business Tax ID or SSN

    The committee will take into consideration the needs and obstacles of each client with the intent to provide guidance and create access to capital.

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  6. Business Information
  7. List name(s) and % owned
  8. Capital Needs and Project Information
  9. Explain in detail what you are needing to get done and how you will use the funding to accomplish the project.
  10. Explain how the work/project will move your business forward (outcomes).
  11. What company, vendor, or organization will you pay to receive goods or services for this project? Include the name and amount to be paid
  12. Provide the CLGF Committee with a thorough and detailed explanation for why you need funding, including why you do not have access to traditional funding options.
  13. If applicable, specify source of funds for each
  14. Financial Information
  15. Past 3 year average
  16. Does your business have*
  17. Supporting Documents

    Once the Small Business Development office has received your application, you will receive a separate email with instructions on how to upload your supporting documentation for your grant application.

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