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City of Battle Creek Newsletter Feedback!

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  2. We have mailed the third City of Battle Creek newsletter this year to homes in the city, and we would like to hear your feedback about this information piece! 

    We appreciate your feedback, and hope to keep developing ways to share important city information with you.

    -City Communications Staff

  3. Have you received the BC City Connection newsletter in the mail at your home?

    We have mailed them in March, June, and August.

  4. Do you read the BC City Connection newsletter?
  5. We also send a Department of Public Works specific piece called BC Works. Have you received it at your home?

    We send this twice per year, in the spring and fall.

  6. Do you read the BC Works newsletter?
  7. Would you like to keep receiving city information this way, in the mail?
  8. Information about you!

    These questions will help us understand if we are reaching the community as well as we should be, and are optional.

  9. Where do you live?
  10. Thank you for your feedback!

    We will read and consider all of your responses as we plan how we share city information in 2024!

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