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BC City Connection August Survey - City Fair / City Commission meetings

  1. City Fair
    The city's fourth annual City Fair event was July 10 at Festival Market Square downtown.
  2. How did you hear about City Fair?
    Please choose all that apply.
  3. Did you attend City Fair?
  4. If no, why not?
  5. Will you attend City Fair in the future?
  6. City Commission meetings
    Our City Commission holds its regular business meeting at 7 p.m. the first and third Tuesdays of the month at City Hall, 10 N. Division St.
  7. What would encourage you to attend a City Commission meeting?
  8. Would you watch/engage in the meeting on Facebook Live?
  9. What is your age group?
  10. How do you prefer to get information from the city?
  11. Thank you for participating!
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