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Community Services Department - Customer Service Survey

  1. The City is currently evaluating customer service and would appreciate input on your experiences with the Code Compliance, Community Development, Inspections and Planning divisions.  Please take a few minutes to scroll down and answer the following questions. Your time is greatly appreciated!
  2. What is Code Compliance?
    Code Compliance encourages residents and businesses to keep their properties up to minimum code standards in order to maintain the appearance and safety of our community.  This includes the exterior maintenace of structures and yards such as inoperable vehicles, front yard parking, junk accumulation, early garbage and also interior inspections and permitting of rental property. 
  3. What is Community Development?
    Community Development supports neighborhoods by administering Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnership federal programs and coordinating neighborhood planning efforts. It also coordinates partnerships with other local agencies and State and Federal competitive grant funds. 
  4. What is Inspections?
    Inspections is the enforcing agency for the State of Michigan Construction Code to include building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. The purpose of theses codes is to provide minimum standards for buildings constructed in a way that provides structural integrity, fire safety and most importantly safe means of egress. 
  5. What is Planning?
    Planning is responsible for maintaining and providing information relative to land use regulations including allowble uses and development regulations. Staff performs review of building and zoning (fence / signs) permit applications, various licensing applications, and site plans for all multi-family residential, commerical and industrial expansions and new projects to ensure compliance with the zoning ordinance.
  6. To begin the survey, please select all division(s) that you have interacted with:*
  7. 1. Overall, how would you rate the quality of your customer service experience?
  8. 2. How well trained are staff you interacted with?
  9. 3. How well does staff adhere to professional standards of conduct?
  10. 4. How well does staff act in the community's best interest?
  11. 5. How knowledgeable are staff?
  12. 6. How well does staff respond to inquiries in a timely manner?
  13. 7. Do our services meet your expectations?
  14. 8. How would you suggest we improve our services?
  15. Thank you for completing our customer service survey. We take your feedback seriously and will be using it to improve our services.
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