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*New* City of Battle Creek Boards and Commissions Application

  1. City of Battle Creek Board and Commission Application

    Please select the top 3 board(s) or commission(s) on which would like to serve. This application will remain active for one year from the date we receive it and will be posted on the City's website. Thank you for applying!

  2. Are you 18 years or older?
  3. Please attach additional documents and information here, if necessary to complete your application.
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    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.
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  6. Demographic Information

    We request the following Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity information to help determine whether application information for city boards and commissions is reaching all parts of the community. Providing the following information is optional, and if you wish to leave this section blank or incomplete, it will not affect your potential membership.

  7. Race/Hispanic Origin

    Please select all that apply.

  8. Sexual Orientation
  9. Gender
  10. Do you have a disability?
  11. Boards, Councils, and Commissions Interest

    Please rank your first, second, and third choices for boards on which you would like to serve. Please check the boxes to indicate your experience and/or credentials for each of your three choices. Thank you!

  12. Airport Advisory Board

    Makes policy recommendations to support continued airport development and community economic growth; acts as advocate for current and potential economic value of the airport.

  13. Experience
  14. BC Area International Relations Committee

    To foster cultural promotion of the city, and provide a positive environment toward foreign industrialists and their families

  15. Experience
  16. BC Downtown Development Authority

    Provides for a variety of funding options, including tax increment financing mechanism, which can be used to fund public improvements in the downtown district.

  17. Experience
  18. BC Housing Commission

    Manages all public housing facilities and rental voucher (Section 8) programs in the city. Public housing facilities include scattered site rental housing, home purchase programs and senior residential developments.

  19. Experience
  20. BC Transit Local Advisory Council

    Advises the City in areas relating to planning, delivery, and operation of public transportation in the community and to provide recommendations and input regarding accessibility including the annual approval of Battle Creek Transit’s Vehicle Accessibility Plan.  

  21. Experience
  22. BC Transit Local Coordinating Committee

    Determines annually how the Specialized Services funds will be allocated among the various sub-recipients, related to transportation services for the elderly and those with disabilities. 

  23. Experience
  24. BC TIFA/Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

    BC Tax Increment Finance Authority. Works to halt a decline of property values, increase property tax valuation, eliminate causes of decline in value, and promote growth in the Fort Custer Industrial Park. 

  25. Experience
  26. Board of Review (Assessing)

    Members serve for five years, and must be city electors and property owners. Members may correct/amend assessment rolls, and increase or decrease taxable property assessment or valuation.

  27. Experience
  28. Civil Service Commission

    Establishes rules applicable to all regular and full-time Fire Department personnel, excluding civilian employees. Members must reside in the city limits for one year, reside within the county for three years, and hold no other government office. There may be no more than two members of the same political party.

  29. Experience
  30. Construction Board of Appeals

    To hear appeals on building permit denials, and from any other decision pursuant or related to the Act or the State Construction Code. There are five members and one alternate. Members serve two-year terms. A member of the board shall be qualified by experience or training to perform the duties of the board. The board meets as needed.

  31. Experience
  32. Community Development Advisory Council

    Recommend to City Commission effective and efficient spending of federal Community Development Block Grant Funds. Meets at least once per year, then as needed.

  33. Experience
  34. Dangerous Buildings Hearing Officer

    Identifies structures in the city considered to be a public nuisance; serves written notice of a hearing to the owner or party of interest at the address shown on the tax records; and shows cause why the structure(s) should not be ordered demolished, otherwise made safe, or properly maintained. Must have expertise in housing matters, including, but not limited to: engineer, architect, building contractor, building inspector, or member of a community housing organization.

  35. Experience
  36. Development Area Citizens Council

    An advisory body to a development authority and, ultimately, the City Commission, related to updates to the authority's development plan.

  37. Experience
  38. Dickman Road Business Improvement District

    Promotes economic activity in the BID along Dickman Road, and provides or contracts for the administration, security, and operation of the district, to include physical improvements and joint marketing.

  39. Experience
  40. Downtown Parking System Advisory Committee

    Advises city staff and the city’s parking administrator on issues related to the city-owned and operated parking system.

  41. Experience
  42. Economic Development Corporation

    Alleviates unemployment conditions, assists in industry retention and promotes the general welfare of Battle Creek.

  43. Experience
  44. Goguac Lake Board

    Formed to protect the public health, safety and welfare, and conserve the natural resources and preserve property values around Goguac Lake.

  45. Experience
  46. Historic District Commission

    Reviews plans for exterior modifications or demolition of buildings within the federal, state, or local historic districts.

  47. Experience
  48. Housing Board of Appeals

    Hears and decides on appeals concerning application or interpretation of the provisions and standards of the Building Code, the International Property Maintenance Code and Chapter 842 of these Codified Ordinances, and to hear appeals of decisions of the Dangerous Buildings Hearing Officer.  

  49. Experience
  50. Human Relations Board

    To increase constructive communication among all people regardless of actual or perceived race, ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, height, weight, marital status, physical or mental disability, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socioeconomic status. To increase constructive communication between community members, public officials, and community organizations, thereby promoting harmonious and productive relationships within the community, and equitable access to community resources for all. Board shall be representative of management and labor, various religions, various races, and others who have an interest in human relations.

  51. Experience
  52. Income Tax Board of Appeals

    Attempts to settle city income tax disputes.

  53. Experience
  54. Lakeview Downtown Development Authority

    The definition of a development area; the origination of a development plan; and the implementation of a development program

  55. Experience
  56. License Review Board

    Provides an opportunity to appeal when an application to operate as a vendor within the city limits is denied or a current Vendor’s License becomes subject to suspension or revocation.

  57. Experience
  58. Local Development Financing Authority

    To govern the affairs of the I-94 Business Park and Certified Technology Park (SmartZone) established by the City of Battle Creek, pursuant to an Agreement (The Battle Creek Aviation and E-Learning SmartZone Agreement) with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

  59. Experience
  60. Local Officers' Compensation Commission

    Determine salaries of elected officials. Shall meet for at least one, and not more than 15, session days in each odd-numbered year. “Session day” is a calendar day on which the commission meets and for which a quorum is present.

  61. Experience
  62. Planning Commission

    Adopts plans for the city. Also considers requests for zoning classifications and special use permits, and makes recommendations to the City Commission on amendments to the planning and zoning code.

  63. Experience
  64. Police/Fire Retirement System Board

    Make rules and regulations necessary to properly conduct the business of the police and fire pension system, as directed by law.

  65. Experience
  66. Sustainable BC Committee

    Increase the city’s efforts to incorporate environmentally-responsible policies in the management of its facilities and services, including initiatives outlined in the Climate Protection Act Policy, adopted in August 2006, and the 15 percent by ’15 renewable energy policy goal, adopted in March 2007. Will review and recommend environmental/conservation policy for the city, including recommendations for action to the City Commission.

  67. Experience
  68. Technical Review Committee

    Provides review, input, and recommendations to the city and the City Commission regarding various aspects of the wastewater treatment system and rates.

  69. Experience
  70. Tree Advisory Council

    Helps develop the annual Tree Work Plan, and issue rules and regulations supplementary to the city’s tree ordinance. Establishment meets a Tree City USA criterion.

  71. Experience
  72. Water System Advisory Council

    Advises and assists with creation of materials and plans to educate the community about the dangers of lead in drinking water, assist with development of public awareness campaign materials, advise and consult on the development of appropriate plans for remediation and public education to be implemented if a lead action level is exceeded, advise and consult on efforts to replace private lead service lines, assist in promoting transparency of data and documents related to lead in drinking water, and collaborate with local community groups to ensure those living in the city have the opportunity to be involved in efforts to educate the community about lead in drinking water.

  73. Experience
  74. Youth Advisory Board

    To involve area youth in local government policy development and administrative procedures that will improve the leadership development of the community’s youth.

  75. Experience
  76. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Considers requests for variances to the requirement of the planning and zoning code. Typical variance requests include yard setback reductions and the size of commercial signage.

  77. Experience
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