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  1. Update Your Property Information

    To ensure the accuracy of our records and to comply with state requirements, the City of Battle Creek has a re-inspection program for... More…

Clean Water

  1. Ask a trash or recycling question!

    Have a question on our trash or recycling services that you don't see answered on this web page? Send it right to the city using this... More…

  2. Training Video Confirmation

    This signed form confirms that the signee has viewed the training video.

  1. FOR EDUCATORS - Children's Water Festival Registration

    The Battle Creek Area Clean Water Partners and the Battle Creek Area Mathematics and Science Center will sponsor a free science... More…


  1. Permanent Absentee Voter List Form

    Registered voters who wish to automatically receive an application to vote by absentee ballot for all future elections can sign up to... More…

  1. Request for Public Records (FOIA)

Community Services

  1. Community Services Department - Customer Service Survey

    The City is currently evaluating customer service and would appreciate input on your experiences with the Code Compliance, Community... More…

Fire Department

  1. Fire Department Customer Service Survey

    The Battle Creek Fire Department strives to provide our community with the highest level of service and professionalism. Your input... More…

Get Connected

  1. BC City Connection August Survey - City Fair / City Commission meetings

    This survey appears in the August edition of the BC City Connection newsletter, placed in the water bills in the City of Battle Creek.

  1. City Commission Economic Development Town Hall