How much will service cost, and how do we pay?

City customers will pay their Republic service bill as part of the monthly utility bill, as you do now. If you choose to rent trash or yard waste carts from Republic, that will be a separate bill, directly from Republic, also as happens now.

The contract with Republic is for five years, with possible extensions. The costs are as follows.

YearCurbside Regular 
(per month)
Backyard Regular 
(per month)
Curbside Discount 
(per month)
Backyard Discount (per month)
April 2021-June 2022$19.67$30.53$12.51$19.39
July 2022-June 2023$20.55$31.90$13.08$20.26
July 2023-June 2024$21.48$33.33$13.66$21.18
July 2024-June 2025$22.34$34.67$14.21$22.02
July 2025-June 2026$23.25$36.09$14.79$22.93

As of January 2021, city customers pay $19 per month for curbside regular service. Rates typically have increased once each year, as part of each contract. Both service proposals the city received for the new contract showed cost increases.

If you do not already receive the senior/handicapped service discount you can apply with the form at this page: Click here to access the Elderly/Handicapped Discount form.

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