What are the services Republic will provide?

Services with Republic will be mostly the same as those living in the city have now:

  • Weekly, unlimited curbside trash pickup. You may use your own containers, or rent a trash cart from Republic.
  • Weekly, unlimited curbside bulk waste pickup. You must bag mattresses and box springs. No commercial, construction, or tire waste.
  • Weekly, unlimited curbside yard waste pickup from April to December. You can use your own containers and/or paper yard waste bags, or rent a yard waste cart from Republic.
  • Every-other-week curbside recycling. You must opt in, telling Republic you wish to recycle. If you do this, you will receive one recycling cart from Republic, at no charge. Please visit our website to learn more and opt in (or see additional FAQs here) - battlecreekmi.gov/recycling.
  • Backyard service
  • Spring and Fall cleanup collections, allowing curbside pickup of construction waste.
  • Live/fresh holiday tree pickup after Christmas.

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1. What is the change, and when is it happening?
2. What are the services Republic will provide?
3. How much will service cost, and how do we pay?
4. How do I sign up for backyard service, or the senior/handicapped discount?
5. Will I have the same pickup day that I have now?
6. What carts/containers can I use at the curb?
7. How do we tell Republic we want to recycle?
8. What can I recycle in the curbside cart?
9. Does Republic have a drop-off recycling location?
10. Why can't I choose/hire my own waste hauler?
11. What was the price difference in the two service proposals the city received?
12. Did the city consider alternatives to unlimited trash pickup?
13. Didn't the city use Republic in the past for commercial pick-up, with a bad experience?
14. What should I do with my Waste Management carts?
15. How do I contact Republic for a missed pick-up, or other service needs?