How do I book?

Trips can be booked by using the BCGo App or by calling Battle Creek Transit Dispatch at (269) 966-3474.  

TO BOARD VEHICLE, USERS MUST HAVE A BOOKING – Vehicle drivers will not, under any circumstances, pick up passengers hailing vehicles or passengers who have not booked a trip in advance, through the App or by phone. 

When booking a trip, please have the following information ready:  

  1. Your name, address and phone number. 
  2. The date for which you wish to schedule the trip. 
  3. The origin, destination, and desired time of your trip. If needed, schedule your return trip at the same time you make your initial trip reservation. Specific information on which building and/or entrance you wish to use.  
  4. Any special needs you may have, such as a mobility device, visual impairment, etc.  

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