Claude Evans Park

We are planning updates to Claude Evans Park this year (off Washington Avenue), and we have asked neighbors for feedback about this project since 2022. We have this opportunity to make improvements at the same time we need to clean and expand the sewer system running underneath the park.

Check out the updated project information below, then complete this quick form to let us know what you think! 

When we asked for your recommendations last summer (2022), this is what you want to see in and around the park:

  • Parking lot - 40%
  • Cameras - 10%
  • One-way traffic on the side street - 6%
  • Remove trees and brush - 6%
  • Add trees and greenery - 6%
  • Farmers market - 4%
  • More seating in grass areas - 4%
  • Standardize performance stage
  • Other suggestions included: trash cans, recycling bins, fillable water stations, community events, a police sub-station, disabled accessibility, bathrooms, basketball court shade, tennis courts, a workout area, a jogging track, playground improvements, more lighting, grandstands, a dog station

Current plan

Here are some images to show you what the park could look like with improvements. Click the images to see them in full size.

The image at the top left, Option 1, shows the first overall design, including the water retention area, parking lot, proposed sidewalk, and proposed lighting. On the top right, Option 2 shows a similar design, but with additional rows of parking under the proposed retention basin. Option 2 also shows additional sidewalk sections connected to that additional parking.

In these images, the green block on the right is the retention/drainage basin; the long, bright-blue curving rectangles are sidewalk; and the light gray areas are parking. 

The image below those designs, "Park camera...," shows proposed locations for cameras around the park area, starting at the red circles, and showing triangles of the spaces the cameras would cover. If we proceed with the Option 2 design, it is likely we would add at least two additional cameras to cover the additional parking in that option.

In this image, the red circles are the cameras, and the light blue wedges show the coverage areas for the cameras.

Questions? Contact City Engineer Jarret Geering at 269-966-3343.

Upgrades north of main park - Option 1

Aerial map of Claude Evans park with new parking lot northeast.

Upgrades north of the main park - Option 2

Aerial map of Claude Evans park showing new parking and retention basin.

Park camera locations/coverage

Aerial map of Claude Evans Park with proposed camera locations.

These are the current plans we have for Claude Evans:

  • Add a new parking lot in the northeast corner - bordered by Helen M. Montgomery, Hanover, and Hudson.
  • CLOSE Helen M. Montgomery east of the new driveway into that parking lot. 
  • Potentially (in Option 2) add additional parking that is partially on the closed Helen M. Montgomery.
  • Add new driveway from Hanover into the parking lot.
  • Add a cul-de-sac to the south of Hanover, for neighbors who live there.
  • Add some lighting, and multiple cameras around the entire park property, for increased safety.
  • Add sidewalk from the new parking lot into the park, and connect to existing sidewalk/path near Washington Avenue.