Battle Creek Transit Alternatives Survey

Battle Creek Transit is considering options to improve bus service for current and future riders. The maps below show two potential service scenarios. 

To compare the two scenario maps, simply move the slider circle in the center of the map to the left or to the right.  For more information on the scenarios, please see the Battle Creek Transit Master Plan stakeholder meeting presentation here.

  1. Scenario 1
  2. Scenario 2

This service redesign eliminates most instances of one-way service, and introduces new transfer opportunities outside of downtown. It also envisions expanding service coverage with a new route – 6W – which would link areas of Battle Creek, Springfield, and Bedford Township.

To limit the financial impact of the added route, service frequency would reduce to hourly on all routes. However, this scenario still would require one additional vehicle, and two additional drivers.

Key route features

  • 1W - West Michigan - Shifted from Michigan Avenue to Jackson Avenue, between Washington Avenue and 20th Street, to better serve the Arbor Point Townhomes. Bi-directional service would be added through Urbandale Plaza, and along Urbandale Boulevard, Jackson Street, and Stringham Road, to better serve Bedford Manor and the Rivers Apartments. Buses would use the signalized intersection at Stringham and Michigan at the beginning, and end a terminal loop along Woodlawn Avenue, Morgan Avenue, and Sigel Street.
  • 2E - Emmett-East Avenue - Inbound and outbound service along West Street, to better serve West Brook Place, and other apartment communities. Service to Bronson Battle Creek and Kellogg Community College would shift to the Bronson driveway and Fremont Street for inbound and outbound trips. Route would be extended to Springview Drive and Capital Avenue to increase access to retail, grocery, and multi-family housing destinations. Service along Emmett Street, east of Fremont, and East Street, south of Roosevelt, would be eliminated due to low ridership.
  • 2W - Columbia-Territorial - Single, consistent alignment in both inbound and outbound directions. From downtown, buses would travel south on Dickman Road and Riverside Drive to Territorial Road, then west on Territorial, south on 20th Street, and west on Columbia Avenue to Meijer. Return trips would use the same alignment, to allow for bi-directional travel from several apartment communities on Riverside. Service along Territorial west of 20th Street, 31st Street, Goguac Street, and 20th north of Territorial, would be eliminated due to low ridership. Columbia east of 20th, and Meachem Avenue south of Spring Street, would be accessible from other nearby routes.
  • 3W - Kendall-Goodale - Shift outbound service from Washington Avenue north of Parkway Drive, to Parkway and Hubbard Street, to provide bi-directional service to Parkway Manor. Route also would operate bi-directional on North Avenue, to better connect the Legacy at The Oaks to retail and grocery destinations on Roosevelt Avenue.
  • 3E - Main-Post - Single, consistent alignment in both inbound and outbound directions. From Main Street, buses would travel east on Cliff Street, south on Hannah Street, west on Post, and south on Jericho, before turning around via Richmond Avenue, Main Street, and Kingman Avenue. This would improve service to Georgetown Estates and provide grocery access to Main Street Market.
  • 4N - NE Capital - Inbound and outbound service on Capital Avenue between Hamblin Avenue and Van Buren Street, to simplify the route. It also would be streamlined by eliminating the off-street deviation into Cherry Hill Manor.
  • 4S - SW Capital - Single, consistent alignment in both inbound and outbound directions. From Capital Avenue, buses would travel east along Glenn Cross Road, north on Minges Creek Place, east on Heritage Oak Lane, north on Whitmark Drive, and east on Beckley Road to Walmart. Return trips would use the same alignment, allowing bi-directional travel from several apartment communities south of Beckley.
  • 5W - Fort Custer-VA Hospital - Shifted from Dickman Road between McCamly Street and 20th Street, to Spring Street, Forest Street, and Betterly Road, to provide consistent service to Liberty Commons Apartments. Service to Silver Star Apartments would be via William Shafter Circle, and service to TMI Compressed Air Systems and Musashi Auto Parts would be from Dickman, to streamline service. 
  • 6W - Proposed new route would provide service south of Dickman Road. Would link several areas in the region that have characteristics that support bus route service, but fall outside Battle Creek city limits. From Creek Valley Mobile Home Park in Bedford Township, buses would travel to Rolling Hills Mobile Home Park, then continue south to Urbandale Plaza, Avenue A in Springfield, and into the Fort Custer Industrial Park, where it would serve DENSO, KCC Tech Center, and II Stanley. Return trips would use the same alignment.