Public Works Media

Get to know more about some of the divisions in our Department of Public Works with the materials below! Each year includes the theme for National Public Works Week, from the American Public Works Association.

  • We've got information sheets with facts and more information about what our crews are doing when you see them out and about.
  • Check out the photo slide shows below to see our crews in action, as well as some of the fun projects we're doing in the community!
  • Visit the 2016 National Public Works Week playlist on our YouTube channel for some great videos of our crews.
  • Questions? Contact us at or speak to Public Works staff directly by calling 269-966-3343.

City 101 - Public Works

Learn about the services within Public Works, and meet the management team!

2022 - Ready and Resilient

  1. Engineering
  2. Environment
  3. Field Services
  4. Water
  5. WWTP

2021 - Stronger Together

  1. Environment
  2. WWTP
  3. Signs/Signals
  4. WWTP
  5. Engineering
  6. Verona

2019 - It Starts Here!

  1. DPW
  2. Water
  3. Streets
  4. Sewer
  5. Engineering
  6. Wastewater
  7. Wastewater

2018 - The Power of Public Works

  1. Water
  2. Records
  3. Engineering
  4. Fleet
  5. Water
  6. Water
  7. Field Services
  8. Sewer
  9. Signs

Reuben - Water Division

Meet Reuben West! 

Reuben has worked with us less than three years in the Water Division. Before that, he worked in residential construction.

Reuben helps maintain fire hydrants, water valves, and water services across the city; looks for leaks in the water system; and repairs water main breaks.
This day, he was working with a crew at West Michigan Avenue and Broadway Boulevard, replacing a hydrant dating to the 1930s or '40s.

Hydrant maintenance is a job Reuben enjoys, because there's always something needed to maintain them, and it's above-ground work that's visible to neighbors. Underground, there are 450 miles of drinking water distribution lines.

2017 - Plow Painting

The City of Battle Creek, City of Springfield, and Battle Creek and Lakeview elementary schools collaborated in 2017 on a project to paint city snow plow blades.

Five schools participated with paintings of their choice. You can still see some of these plows on the streets, several years later.

2016 - Public Works Connects Us

  1. Fleet
  2. Signs/Signals
  3. Records
  4. Water/Sewer
  5. Field Services