Priority Based Budgeting

What is PBB?
Priority Based Budgeting is a way for us to look at our budget as we consider the services we provide to neighbors. PBB is a method in which we, as a city, can achieve financial health and wellness. We do this by identifying the role of government in Battle Creek.

This involves:

  • Determine results - "What are we in the business to do?"
  • Clarify result definitions - "What do those results mean to us?"
  • Identify programs and services - "What exactly do we do, and what does it cost?"
  • Value programs based on results - "What is of the highest importance?"
  • Allocate resources based on priorities - "What can we 'see' differently?"
The City of Battle Creek started our first PBB process in 2015, with surveys, focus groups, and discussions. In 2021 we surveyed the community again, and you told us about your current top priorities for what the city is in the business to do. Using that feedback, the city commission and city staff finalized our current results and definitions - our priorities as a city government, and how we plan to address them.

Click through the tabs below to see our current results and definitions, approved by the city commission in September 2021.
  1. Economy
  2. Safety
  3. Transportation/Mobility
  4. Utilities
  5. E/PA/CD
  6. Arts & Culture
  7. Recreation
  8. Governance


The City of Battle Creek...

  • creates a business-friendly environment that encourages business and economic growth for everyone.
  • supports local businesses (including child care and the arts) by ensuring and supporting quality job creation, workforce training, and transportation that is equitable for all.
  • collaborates to support the local workforce with quality housing, safety, transportation access, utilities, and access to basic needs for all.
  • recruits, attracts, and retains a diverse mix of businesses.
  • offers a vibrant downtown and commercial areas that are attractive to residents, visitors, and tourists.
  • encourages and promotes sustainable development and redevelopment.

Interactive tool - please click!

Priority Based Budgeting tool image

We have an interactive tool that shows the basic city program attributes or community results by department and scores.

You can choose to view this by department, and click on a program to find details about the program cost, staff positions, and operating cost.

This tool requires a login (the password is case sensitive):
Password: Staffcobc

Commission workshop slide presentations - 2021