Will there be a lot of noise at the facility?

Only a small amount of noise. Most of the time, we won't staff the facility. We won't have offices there, and expect to have staff there occasionally to clean up the salt piles, and do other maintenance work. 

Mostly during winter storms, there will be heavy activity there, sometimes around the clock.

The facility will include a large garage that trucks will drive right into for loading, so that also will minimize any noise.

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1. Why does the city need this new facility?
2. What will the facility look like?
3. Will we see a lot of extra truck traffic around the facility?
4. Will there be a lot of noise at the facility?
5. Will the trucks kick up dust at the facility?
6. What will this cost the community?
7. How are you handling environmental issues?
8. What will the facility look like around the outside?
9. What is the timeline for this project?
10. Which city operations will happen at this facility?
11. I have more questions. Who can I contact?