Why does the city need this new facility?

Our existing road salt facility is at the Waste Water Treatment Plant, on West River Road. We are considering expanding a program to compost the bio-solids left at the end of the wastewater treatment process, and need to use the space and the building that we currently use for salt storage. 

Regardless of what happens with the bio-solids project, a facility on Helmer Road also will be more centrally located for our snow and ice operations. This will speed up our trucks' response time during winter weather, and be much more efficient for us.

New salt facility location map

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1. Why does the city need this new facility?
2. What will the facility look like?
3. Will we see a lot of extra truck traffic around the facility?
4. Will there be a lot of noise at the facility?
5. Will the trucks kick up dust at the facility?
6. What will this cost the community?
7. How are you handling environmental issues?
8. What will the facility look like around the outside?
9. What is the timeline for this project?
10. Which city operations will happen at this facility?
11. I have more questions. Who can I contact?