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Mayor and Commission

Battle Creek City Commissioners serve two-year terms. Each November, the Mayor and Vice Mayor are selected by their fellow commissioners to serve one-year terms. The next election of the City Commission will be held in November 2015. The Commission includes five ward commissioners, representing geographic wards within the City, and four at-large commissioners. 

City Commission committees:

City Attorney Evaluation- Salary Review Committee

City Commission Ethics and Meeting Rules Committee

City Commission Travel Expense Committee

City Manager Performance Evaluation Committee


Mayor Deb Owens, Ward 1
Vice Mayor Deb Owens
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Mayor Owens

"It is important to serve the citizens of Battle Creek with compassion, dignity and professionalism; to seek and value input while being open and transparent in the work of our government. It is imperative that we value the diversity of our City and embrace it as a community. As a governing body we must be fiscally responsible and economically effective to provide a quality-of-life environment to all. It is indeed a pleasure to serve this great City!" 

Phone:   (269) 420-4031



Vice Mayor Lynn Ward Gray, Ward 2
Commissioner Lynn Ward Gray
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Vice Mayor Gray

“As a Battle Creek native, I am deeply rooted in seeing that it succeeds. Working together, we can ensure all residents, especially our youth, have a voice and a seat at the table of city government, building relationships as we go. I will strive to be informed on the issues, mindful and responsible with our resources, engaged at the grassroots level, responsive to the concerns brought before me, and to always remember to give thanks for the opportunity to serve you on the City Commission.”

Phone:  (269) 830-2456



Commissioner Dean Newsome, Ward 3
Commissioner Dean Newsome
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Commissioner Dean Newsome

"I am committed to a Battle Creek that creates and expands employment opportunities, while at the same time strengthens residential areas so that those who work in Battle Creek will want to live and reinvest here. The key to a better Battle Creek lies in developing a viable strategic plan, transparency and accountability in government, and highly engaged citizens."

Phone:  (269) 924-6794


Commissioner Mike Sherzer, Ward 4
Commissioner Sherry Sofia
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Commissioner Sherzer

"It is an honor to serve as a city commissioner for the city of Battle Creek. As a 25-year retiree of the Police Department, I have observed the city from multiple angles. I have always believed that Battle Creek has the potential to be one of the great cities in Michigan. It is my desire to help move Battle Creek to this standard through improvements in neighborhoods, economic development and recreational opportunities, so Battle Creek is truly a community where people want to live, work and play."

Phone:  (269) 420-0384


Commissioner Jeff Domenico, Ward 5

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"It is my privilege to serve the residents of Ward 5 and our entire city.  As City Commissioner, I promise to work hard to bring this city back together.  In particular, I will focus on growing our local economy, improving public safety and leveraging the downtown revitalization effort for the benefit of all residents.  Battle Creek has a tremendous pool of talented and committed citizens.  Working together, we can reclaim our rightful place as one of the best places to live in Michigan."


Phone: (269) 339-1868


 Commissioner Andy Helmboldt, at-large
Commissioner Andy Helmboldt
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Commissioner Helmboldt

"Thank you to the residents of Battle Creek for placing your trust in me – I am truly honored. I hope to work with you and city staff to create a Battle Creek we can all be proud to call home."

Phone:  (269) 660-9659


Commissioner Susan Baldwin, at-large
Commissioner Susan Baldwin
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Commissioner Baldwin
"I want to help build Battle Creek into the best community it can be. By focusing on our strengths, we can stimulate economic development, enhance our many diverse neighborhoods, enrich our downtown, and provide opportunities for all residents. 
I am honored to serve as a City Commissioner."

:  (269) 963-6901
Fax:  (269) 965-6387



Commissioner Mark Behnke, at-large
Commissioner Mark Behnke
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Commissioner Behnke

"I want municipal government to be as efficient, creative, and dynamic as that in private business. Everyday we search for ways to be more accountable and accessible to our customers, the taxpayers."

Phone:  (269) 441-7663
Fax:  (269) 441-7665
Voice mailbox:  (269) 441-7513




Commissioner Dave Walters, at-large

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"Serving on the Battle Creek City Commission is an honor and a privilege. Being proud of Battle Creek makes me want to help strengthen the City and provide a voice for the people that live, work, and visit here.  Let's continue to work together to make Battle Creek a place where folks can live long and prosper by maintaining a safe, neighborly, and business-friendly atmosphere."

Phone:   (269) 209-0626


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