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Our surface water - our watershed.


What is a watershed?  It is an area where all water drains into the same surface source based on topography and electation.  In our case, it is the Kalamazoo River.  The Kalamazoo River Watershed covers an area of 2020 square miles with many tributaries draining into the Kalamazoo River from overland or from the ground.


How do pollutants enter surface waters in an urban area?


  • Storm sewers are the main source of pollutants, draining virtually everything from lawns, streets, and parking lots directly into local surface waters.
  • Storm water is not cleaned and is know as Nonpoint Source pollution (NPS).  Common NPS contaminants include: fertilizers, pesticides, grass clippings, leaves, oil, grease, toxic chemicals, sediment, and livestock and pet waste.
  • As a matter of fact, too much phosphorus is making its way into the Kalamazoo River Watershed causing increased algal blooms and lower oxygen levels affecting aquatic life.


To learn where the water from your property drains to, click on the map link below.


        1.  Type your address in the Goto An Address box (within Calhoun County), and click Locate.

        2.  You can click Zoom To in the box on the map to zoom a little closer to the property.

        3.  Once the location is identified on the map, click within your property.  The watercourse will display in the Identify Watershed box.



                                                  CLICK HERE FOR THE WATERSHED MAP

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