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Name: Chief Jim Blocker
Phone: (269) 966-3375



 If you need to speak to a supervisor (sergeant) about a Battle Creek Police Department issue, please call (269) 966-3356.

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BCPD monthly newsletter -- January 2015

December 2014


Chief's Welcome: Still On the Beat

Chief Blocker
Chief Jim Blocker

The City of Battle Creek is a beautiful, diverse and dynamic community. Rich in history and tradition, this city known as "Cereal City" was first discovered by surveyors in 1827. The Village of Milton was settled along the Battle Creek River in 1833, with the river named after a skirmish between the surveyors and Native Americans. By 1850 the settlement had developed into the Village of Battle Creek, named for the river that flows through the center of our downtown today. Just eight years later, we became the City of Battle Creek.

In 1900 the City Council authorized the formation of the Battle Creek Police Department and appointed William H. Farrington as its first chief. He promptly hired nine officers.

Today, 114 years later, the Battle Creek Police Department still serves the community with excellence, pride and resilience. We are committed to ensuring the public safety of all our residents and guests, providing a full spectrum of police services that enable this department to respond efficiently and effectively to meet our community's safety needs.

We are proud of this department and its many members, and we know that you are, too. The Battle Creek Police Department has a responsibility to our community to deliver proactive and creative community policing strategies and an obligation to treat all in our community with dignity, respect, honor and compassion.

I commit to you that we will be open to your suggestions for improvement, comments on performance and will respond to your complaints. Excellence in service is our proud tradition over the past 114 years, and it will continue to be so.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Police Administration Office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our phone number is (269) 966-3375.


Welcome to our community. We are Battle Creek.

Jim Blocker
Chief of Police

Battle Creek Police Department operating principles:

1 -- Be a values-driven organization.
It's our ability, in a simple way, to articulate that collaboration, leadership, ethics, excellence and respect for human dignity are our organizational core values.

2 -- Be a catalyst for change.
Leadership, by definition, requires appropriate risk taking, a tolerance for change and courage. If BCPD is going to control its own destiny, we must lead this effort.

3 -- Be legitimate to those we serve.
When the community perceives the police are legitimate in their actions, they are more likely to comply with the orders and obey the law. As a result, the community is safer and so is the operating environment for our police officers. On an interpersonal level, police legitimacy requires the police to be fair, neutral and unbiased in our decision making. It also obligates the police to treat people with courtesy, dignity and respect.

4 -- To be a learning organization.
As we continue to bridge the gap between the community and the police, one way to do this is to actively manage the education of our officers, justice system partners and community members. The extent to which we capture, use, share and increase what these partners know about crime and how to report and prevent it will largely determine our future success.

Other important phone numbers:

  • Calhoun County Correctional Center -- (269) 969-6339
  • 10th District Court -- (269) 969-6666
  • Calhoun County Prosecuting Attorney -- (269) 969-6980

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