Planning & Zoning

Zoning Map of City

(Click Link):  Zoning Map City of BC


AG  - Agricultural

R-1R  - Single Family Rural Residential

R-1A  - Single Family Residential

R-1B  - Single Family Residential

R-1C  - Single Family Residential

R-2   - Two Family Residential

PH-OD  -  Prarieview Homes Overlay District

R-3A  - Multiple Family Residential

R-3B  - Multiple Family Residential

MHP-OD  - Mobile Home Park Overlay District

MDMF  - Medium Density Multiple Family

HDMF  - High Density Multiple Family

TB  - Transitional Business District

O-1  - Office District

HN-OD  - Historic Neighborhood Overlay District

C-1   - Neighborhood Commercial

C-2   - General Business

C-3   - Intensive Business

C-4   - Central Business

C-5   - Planned Shopping

C-6   - Major Highway Interchange Business

C-7   - Street Level Retail

I-1   - Light Industrial

I-2   - Heavy Industrial

REF  - (Split Zoned Parcel) Need to Call Planning Department to Confirm Zoning (269-966-3320)


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