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The City of Battle Creek has a commission-manager form of government. This type of city management has an elected commission (or council) and an appointed professional city manager, who runs day-to-day operations and recommendations solutions to the commissioners. Battle Creek appoints a City Attorney, who provides legal counsel to the City Manager and City Commission.

The City Commission makes all policy decisions, including review, revision and final approval of the annual budget, which is proposed by the City Manager. The City Manager serves as an "at-will" employee under an employment contract with the City Commission. All other city employees, with the exception of the City Attorney’s staff, are under the supervision of the City Manager.

Battle Creek has a total of nine commissioners who serve two-year terms. Five ward commissioners, who must live where they represent, are elected by city residents. Four at-large commissioners may live anywhere in the city.

Each November, the commission holds a special meeting to decide which commissioners serve as Mayor and Vice Mayor. The Mayor presides over commission meetings and appoints commissioners and residents to special committees. The Mayor forms special committees to explore community challenges or potential policies. The Vice Mayor stands in if the Mayor is unavailable.


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