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Feb 10

Traffic orders + 28th and Territorial stop signs

Posted on February 10, 2022 at 2:36 PM by Jessica VanderKolk

At the beginning of November 2021, the city's Department of Public Works placed stop signs at the intersection of North 28th Street and Territorial Road, making it an all-way stop - a four-way stop, in this case.

At the time we did this, it was a temporary traffic order, which is allowed by city ordinance. A temporary traffic order can be in place for 90 days. At that point, the City Commission must vote on it. If they approve, the change becomes permanent. If they disapprove, we remove the signs/signal, and the area returns to how it worked before. The commission will vote on whether to make the 28th/Territorial stop signs permanent at the Tuesday, Feb. 15 regular meeting. The meeting is in person at City Hall, 10 N. Division St., starting at 7 p.m. To give official public comment, you must attend in person, or email before the meeting.

This particular traffic change started with a request from a neighbor who lives near the intersection, thought the number of crashes was excessive, and saw kids having to run across Territorial to avoid traffic (there are several schools near this area). We studied the intersection, and found that the number of crashes did allow for installing the stop signs. We follow Federal Highway Administration codes, and there are factors to consider to make an all-way stop. The number of crashes at 28th and Territorial met that criteria, with six T-bone crashes from 2017-2020. These are the types of crashes an all-way stop can help prevent.

If you want to request a traffic change, you can start with our Traffic team at the Department of Public Works. Call 269-966-3343. Before you call, please take a look at the information below, to learn if Public Works is the place to go with your concern.  When we get your request, if it is a city street and the Traffic team has not already studied it, they will look into your concern, and see if we can do something to help the situation.

We want to address some of the themes neighbors brought up when we shared the news about the new stop signs at 28th and Territorial. We know that when we make one change, you might have questions about other areas in the city.

  • Some of you asked about speeding in different areas. That is a police issue, and there a couple of ways to share your speeding concern with Battle Creek Police. We have an online reporting portal for non-emergency issues like this, and police encourage you to use it. Start at, and scroll to "Report a Crime" in red under the main photo. If you do not have internet access, or prefer to do this by phone, call the non-emergency number at 269-781-0911, or BC Police at 269-966-3356. Please leave your contact information if you want police to get back with you about your concern. When they receive your speeding concern, they will make sure patrol officers and supervisors know about it.

  • Some of you asked about traffic signals and signs on roads or at intersections controlled by the Michigan Department of Transportation. MDOT has a Transportation Service Center in Marshall, and you can contact them with your concerns about state roads - 269-789-0560. We are part of MDOT's Southwest Region, and you can get more contact information for that office and the Marshall TSC at this MDOT website. Some examples of areas that MDOT controls:
    • Goguac and Helmer / Territorial and Helmer (Helmer is a state road)
    • Bedford and Morgan (Bedford is a state road)
    • 28th and Columbia / 20th and Columbia (Columbia is a state road)
    • 20th and Dickman (Dickman is a state road)
  • Some of you asked about speed bumps and stop signs in different areas. The Traffic team will investigate the following:
    • Four-way stop at Sherman and Garrison
    • Stop signs for the city's portion of West Goguac
    • Speed bumps on LaVista
    • Four-way stop at Geneva and Taylor
    • Speed bumps on Chestnut
    • Four-way stop at Harris and Normal
    • Extending the double-yellow line on Upton, near Dickman
  • There are two areas you asked about that the Traffic team already has studied:
    • Stop signs at Territorial and LaVista. This intersection did not meet the criteria for an all-way stop.
    • Stop signs on Highland Boulevard, to address speeding. By law, the city cannot install stop signs to reduce traffic speeds. However, the Traffic team has studied Highland traffic speeds related to speed humps. The speeds were too low for us to consider installing them.

Please contact the Department of Public Works with any questions - 269-966-3343. You can always contact the city generally at 269-966-3311 or