What is CAC:

The Cops & Clergy is a coalition of community religious leaders who have taken the time to develop and understand the criminal justice system, and the role and function of the police department. CAC members have the option to attend quarterly meetings, ride along with police officers, and can work with department volunteer chaplains on a case by case basis. This is a unique program designed to encourage an open dialogue and a well-informed religious leader collective.


Some of the goals of this program include: discuss the criminal justice system, its organization, the police departments roles and functions in society-and how those roles are changing, the special functions and capability, and any other concerns that our leaders might have about policing in the 21st century.


Some of the topics that may be covered during the Cops & Clergy Academy include:

  • Church security/crime prevention
  • Gang and drug awareness
  • Patrol and Investigation operations
  • Fair & impartial policing and use of force
  • Special teams and key partnership
  • Crisis intervention
  • Legal updates/Your rights
  • Policing and constitutional authority, origin in law of authority

Meeting Times:

The Cops & Clergy Academy will be held at the Battle Creek Police Department located at 34 Division St N. This is an all-day program, and meals will be provided. Date and time will be announced after surveys are collected.


The requirements to participate in the Cops & Clergy Academy include:

  • Participants must be an active clergy member in a local faith-based organization.
  • Participants must complete an application and waiver form.
  • Participants must undergo a criminal background check.
  • Congregational/Church Leadership Approval if required.