Public Works Media

Get to know more about some of the divisions in our Department of Public Works with the materials below. 

  • We've got information sheets with facts and more information about what our crews are doing when you see them out and about.
  • Check out photo slide shows from work done in the spring of 2016, celebrating National Public Works Week May 15-21. We're working with the theme "Always There".
  • See videos showing some of the work our crews do. (And check out more at our YouTube channel!)
DPW week 2016
  1. Fleet Services
  2. Signs & Signals
  3. DPW Records
  4. Water & Sewer
  5. Field Services
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Log loader demonstration

Laying asphalt

Cleaning a dirty sewer line

 Replacing a water valve

GPS infrastructure locating

How DPW Records is "Always There"

How we make a street sign

Installing a new traffic control cabinet


​Check out the Fleet garage

Hear how Fleet Services is "Always There"