Police Career Opportunities - Divisions

For more information on police department jobs and services, call the Human Resources Department at 269-966-3377.
  1. Accident Investigator

    Find out what the Accident Investigator's responsibilities are.

  2. Bike Patrol

    Find out why the Bike Patrol is so important to the Police Department in Battle Creek.

  3. Bomb Unit

    Take a look at the responsibilities the Bomb Unit has and what resources they use.

  4. Crime Prevention

    Explore all of the informational presentations given by the Crime Prevention Division.

  5. Downtown Liaison Officer

    Find out what a typical day looks like for a Downtown Liaison Officer in Battle Creek, Michigan.

  6. Detective Bureau

    Explore the responsibilities and services provided by the Detective Bureau.

  7. Emergency Response Team (ERT)

    Get to know the ERT team and find out how they serve the public in Battle Creek.

  8. Gang Suppression Unit

    Learn about the Gang Suppression Unit and find out how they are making Battle Creek a safer place for everyone.

  9. Hostage Negotiators

    Get to know the small team of important hostage negotiators.

  10. Interdiction Team

    Learn about the Interdiction Team and what they do to serve the community.

  11. K-9

    Find information about the K-9 Unit with the Battle Creek Police Department.

  12. Meth Response Team

    Access information about the Meth Response Team such as responsibilities, training and more.

  13. School Officers

    Get to know the duties and responsibilities of the Battle Creek School Officers.

  14. Special Investigation Unit

    Learn a little about the Special Investigation Unit.

  15. Telephone Response Team

    Find information about the Telephone Response Team that serves the community.

  16. Traffic Unit

    Find out what the Traffic Unit is responsible for in the streets of Battle Creek.

  17. Warrant Officer

    Explore what a Battle Creek Warrant Officer does on a daily basis.