Patrol Division

About the Division

The Patrol Division is the largest and the most visible Division of the Police Department. 

This Division is comprised of and coordinates all uniform personnel, including Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals, Officers, Cadets and Explorers.  Currently, we operate three shifts which incorporate an 8 hour schedule and a 12 hour schedule with rotating days off.

These highly professional officers of the Patrol Division engage in proactive visible patrol operations on the streets and in the business centers throughout the City. Officers engage in critical thinking and problem solving while maintaining certifications in our high liability areas such as; Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Defensive Tactics and Active Shooter Training.

Our city is geographically broken up into two sectors (North and South).  The North sector has 4 districts and the South sector has 5 districts.  Bedford Township contracts with our Police Department providing coverage throughout the township. 

Core Staffing:


  • 3 Road Lieutenants as our Shift Commanders
  • 9 Road Patrol Sergeants
  • 48 Road Patrol Officers with 9 of them at the rank of Corporal.
  • 4 Cadets
  • 22 Explorers

We also have 25 patrol officers in special assignment!

We welcome you to come and apply and be a part of a proud tradition and be a part of a team that is second to none!