Battle Creek Police Divisions

  1. Office of the Chief

    Get to know the Police Chief as well as his director reports.

  2. Community Services

    Find out how the Community Services Division keeps the community safe via animal control and cadets.

  3. Crime Prevention

    Explore all of the informational presentations given by the Crime Prevention Division.

  4. Emergency Services

    The primary responsibility of this division is to provide planning for mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery to emergencies and/or disasters within the City.

  5. Investigation Division

    The Investigative Division consists of the General Investigations Unit, the Forensic Science Unit and the Evidence Department. Find out what each does.

  6. Records Division

    Register for a gun permit, check arrest records, request police reports and more form the Management Services Division.

  7. Office of Professional Standards

    This office receives and investigates complaints about police personnel. All complaints are thoroughly investigated with the goal of assuring that residents received appropriate, professional, and courteous police services.

  8. Patrol Division

    This Division coordinates all uniform personnel, including patrol supervisors and patrol officers.