Layout & Rates
View the current W.K. Kellogg Airport T-Hangar layout and rate system (PDF). Rates are referenced by the letter listed inside the hangar and correspond to the letter shown in the rate section.

Vacant Hangars
The following hangars are vacant as of August 12, 2015:
  • Hangar 28
  • Hangar 30
  • Hangar 31
  • Hangar 34
  • Hangar 50
  • Hangar 51
WK Kellogg Airport T-Hangars are for use by airworthy aircraft. We do not allow tenants to build home-built aircraft inside the hangars. The leases are month-to-month and electric is included.

More Information
For information about the T-Hangar leasing process and T-Hangar waiting list, please call the W.K. Kellogg Airport administration office at 269-966-3470.