Curbside Trash/Recycling

Neighbors living in the City of Battle Creek have weekly, unlimited trash pickup; bi-weekly recycling pickup (starting April 1, 2019); and weekly yard waste pickup between late March and late November.

The city has a contract with Waste Management to provide these services, as well as special spring and fall cleanups, and more.


  1. Fri Jun. 1 - Wed Jul. 31

  2. Mon Mar. 25 - Fri Nov. 29

  3. Sat Apr. 6

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Curbside Recycling

Curbside recycling is included in your monthly city utility bill. Simply place all recyclables together in bin and set at the curb by 6 a.m. on your normal trash pick-up service day. 

Questions? Contact Waste Management at 866-797-9018 or our environmental program coordinator at 269-966-3355 ext. 1889.
Also check out Waste Management's Recycle Often Recycle Right web page.


All rinsed narrow-neck and wide-mouth plastic bottles and containers. Examples include: cat litter buckets, hair care bottles, juice bottles, large plastic pails, laundry soap containers, medicine bottles, milk cartons and molded kids' furniture. Caps and labels may be left on the bottles. No motor oil containers, plastic bags, plastic tubs from ice cream or margarine.


All colors of glass bottles and jars are accepted. Please rinse clean; labels are okay. No lids, light bulbs, window glass, ceramics, cookware, drinking glasses.


Empty tin or steel cans (soup, vegetable, tuna, etc.), aluminum cans, foil, pans and small scrap metal are accepted. Rinse, clean and flatten (if possible). No paint or aerosol cans.

Mixed paper & cardboard

Cardboard and box board are accepted. Examples include shipping boxes and food packaging boxes. No cardboard or paper items with metal edges or plastic; no pizza boxes. 


Sorry, no Styrofoam! Watch our calendar and for separate Styrofoam collection events.

BC curbside recycling cart

New recycle cart

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Waste Management recycling guidelines

Recycling drop-off locations

For additional recycling needs beyond the curbside, check out the following locations for no-cost recycling.
For additional information on how to recycle specific items, visit

  1. Waste Management drop-off facility -- 4547 Wayne Road, Springfield
    Location accepts cardboard, plastics, aluminum, and glass. Please place items loose -- NO plastic bags.

  2. Calhoun County Marshall Recycling Center -- 13300 15 Mile Road, Marshall
    Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday/Thursday; 9 a.m.-noon third Saturday of the month
    See acceptable materials guide at

  3. Calhoun County Albion Recycling Center -- 216 N. Eaton St., Albion
    Hours: 9 a.m.-noon Monday/first Saturday of the month; 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesday
    See acceptable materials guide at

  4. C&C Landfill -- 14800 P Drive North, Marshall
    Hours: 7 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday; 7 a.m.-noon Saturday (Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day)
    Location accepts paper, cardboard, plastic, metal cans, and glass.

  5. Red Med Box -- Battle Creek Police Department lobby, 34 N. Division St.
    If you have unwanted or expired medications, leave them in the original or prescription bottle, cross out your name and address (but leave the medication name visible), and deposit in the Red Med Box.
    DO NOT deposit needles, thermometers, IV bags, bloody/infectious waste, hydrogen peroxide, business waste (like from a nursing home), empty containers, or personal care products (like shampoo).

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