The Engineering Administrator reports to the Public Works Director and is responsible for the design and construction of all street, bridge, water and sewer improvement projects in the city. The Engineering staff is also responsible for maintaining all  public infrastructure records for the city. Applications to connect to the public water and sewer systems and permits to work in the street right-of-way may be obtained from the Engineering Office.

Road Surface Treatments

The City of Battle Creek Engineering Division is responsible for selecting annual road treatments of approximately 300 miles of road. The process involves a review of our street system, then prioritizing roads based upon actual condition. Before a street is treated, a press release will be issued for major roads notifying all of the necessary authorities of the road closure. For projects affecting 50 or fewer residents, door hangers will be distributed with of the time and type of treatment that is to take place, and any special instructions that should be followed during the treatment process. For more information or questions about road treatments, please contact the Engineering Division at 966-3343.

Treatment Information


Stormwater Management

View the 2012 version of the Technical Reference Manual for the City of Battle Creek's Stormwater Management Program (PDF).

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Manager reports to the City Engineer and is responsible for designing and ensuring proper installation of all traffic control systems, (i.e., traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings), and for conducting all traffic safety and operations studies for City streets.


View the city's traffic cameras via Trafficland.