Annual Assessments

  1. Appeals

    View the process for filing an appeal with the Assessor.

  2. Assessed & State Equalized Values

    Check out the assessment rates for Battle Creek to know what to expect during tax season.

  3. Assessment Change Notices

    Michigan law requires assessors to send notices to taxpayers whose taxable or assessed values have increased. We send notices to taxpayers whose values have increased or decreased.

  4. Foreclosures

    Find out what factors are included in decisions to foreclose property.

  5. Principal Residence Exemption

    Find out if you qualify for a tax exemption.

  6. Property Sales

    Take a look at the procedures for assessing property based on sale price.

  7. Proposal A

    View the proposal used that provides funds for schools, libraries, villages and more.

  8. Taxable Values

    Learn about the factors that can make your property tax values increase or decrease.

  9. Taxes

    Find out how taxes are determined.

  10. Transfer of Ownership

    Learn the process of transferring ownership of property and what that means for you taxes.